Air Conditioning & Refrigeration ( AC&R) Division

In Today’s World of technologically advanced buildings, efficient control of HVAC system to ensure a comfortable environment for the occupant while ensuring optimal Energy Management is a topic of prime importance. Building Management Systems help in achieving these objectives through monitoring and control of various system parameters. Integration with systems other than HVAC allows the BMS to play a larger role in offering efficient control solutions.

Wotek has been providing solutions for BMS, controls of HVAC and sensors for efficient energy management and environment friendly.

Wotek has been a partner of Honeywell Middle East Environmental and Combustion Controls over the past four decades representing the Honeywell/Centraline range of HVAC Building Controls. In this long span, Wotek has grown and positioned itself as a strong player in Building Controls and has developed into a System Integrator offering a diverse range of control Solutions for HVAC Systems. Wotek has successfully executed thousands projects incorporating Honeywell Building Controls and is a preferred choice of most clients who are mainly leading MEP Contractors in the Middle East.

Wotek has been associate of Danfoss - the company who need no introduction in HVAC industry for Middle East. Wotek has successfully executed several projects incorporating Danfoss controls.

Wotek are exclusive distributors of Aircuity – Dynamic Control of Ventilation; the sensors to control indoor air circulation by working closely with BMS in Middle East and India. Thus saving the cost of energy and monitoring the level of pollution in the Laboratory, Museum, Research centre etc.

Wotek are distributors of Fusheng Screw Type A.C. & Ref. Compressors. Wotek are also distributors of Sisme F.H.P. Motors for air conditioning applications in Middle East.

Wotek tends to add various diversity to its business interest. Keeping the same trend it specializes in technologically advanced exhaust systems for laboratory fume hoods in university, public health, government, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial and other process industries.

Product Handled

  • Building Management Systems
  • BTU Meters & Billing software
  • Fusheng screw compressors for A.C. & Ref.
  • Chilled Water Valves
  • Water Valves (Plumbing)
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s)
  • Air Quality Monitoring Systems
  • F.H.P. Motors