Spares & Consumables

Hotel & Hospital Engg. Spares and Consumables Department has qualified and experienced team for over 30 years to select and supply required spares and consumable for laundry, kitchen, boilers, compressors and other equipment for the hotels and hospitals. We have capacity to handle multiple enquiries of varied nature in a day as this department is the oldest in Wotek with many of the staff working on parts and consumables for several decades. Parts and consumables of critical nature are kept in stock in Wotek warehouses in several locations. Customers have easy access via to send any enquiry, check status of order or to obtain any clarification.

Laundry consumables are normally available ex-stock for immediate requirement of the customers. We also source special consumables as and when required by our customer. Timely supply of correct spare parts and consumable is most critical for smooth operations in a hotel, hospital or a commercial service set up. Our experienced logistics teams at various locations ensure that the parts and consumables required by the customer reach them on time to achieve minimal downtime.